Data based match analysis and improving training methods

Data analysis of the game with modern technologies and tips is based on the use of data collected by Armbeep Tennis System.

Data based match analysis and improving training methods


The analysis of the game data is done with the Armbeep Tennis system. Armbeep Tennis consists of a tracker that the player wears on their arm during practice or matches. Instead of a tracker, the tennis player can also use an Apple Watch. The collected data is uploaded to the platform via the program, where it is available to the expert. Tennis training and matches are analyzed by an expert based on a set of indicators divided into four groups: temporal (active playing time, proportion of active playing time, duration of alternations and breaks), physiological (heart rate, proportion of time in each zone, etc.), movement (movement speed of a tennis player, proportion of time in each speed zone), and tennis (number and type of strokes, number of strokes in an alternation, speed of an alternation, power of strokes, etc.).



A tennis player uses the Armbeep Tennis System and completes at least 3 tennis training sessions and plays 3 tennis matches. He records all activities on the Armbeep Tennis platform. The expert analyzes the collected data and compares the values of time, physiological, movement and tennis indicators during the training and matches. The tennis coach receives analysis and advice on how to increase the effectiveness of the training and thus indirectly the success in the tennis match.


Price: 349 EUR

  • The ball wisperer!


    Aleš Filipčič has a combination of professional and personal approach, which is expressed in top results. I recommend!

    - Anja H.

  • When you can't see the forest for the trees


    Tennis coaches often can't see the forest for the trees. Aleš helped us to determine the right goals in a few days by using biomechanical principles and the analysis of impact efficiency, and presented very useful exercises for the development of technique and the game as a whole. An extremely interesting and useful experience for both the coach and the tennis player.

    Max S.